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Simple steps we follow on every job.


Are you looking for a quality Carpet Cleaning Service you can depend on? Well, look no further. We are The Bubble Crew, available where you need us, when you need us. 

We follow 10 simple steps to make sure we get your carpets back to life:

1. Conducting on-site survey: 

while visiting your house we find out what your needs are, check the type & style of your carpet & the type of stains & soiling we will be working with.

2. Sending a quote & booking an appointment. Once the quote has been accepted, we book a date and time.

On the day of the booking:

3. On arrival we make sure we secure your furniture & walls with foam corner protectors to prevent scuff marks from hoses, we also move the furniture* to help us maximise coverage and make sure your carpets will be thoroughly cleaned.

4. We start with a deep vacuum of all carpets using a commercial grade upright roller vacuum. this is the most important step as  80% of dry soiling can be removed just here.

5. Stain treatment. If there are any problematic stains we make sure to treat and lift them first.

6. Pre-spray. After treating the stains & rinsing, we pre-spray all the carpets with a carefully selected detergent to begin dissolving and separating dirt.

7. Aggravation. This is the second most important step as it  allows chemicals to be mechanically worked into the fibres in the carpet and get to work deep on cleaning your carpets. Most of the time during agrivation we can see  the dirt marks being lifted.

8. rinse and extract.

Using our  hot water extraction machine with dual vacuum pumps and more than 600 psi water pressure, we make sure that we rinse your carpets and extract all the products and soils leaving them clean & smelling great...

9. Re-setting the pile. The carpet pile is set in one direction using a carpet rake to aid the drying process and for a more aesthetic appeal.

10. Putting all the furniture back. We place all of your furniture on plastic pads to make sure wooden or metal elements won't stain the freshly cleaned carpets. We would ask you to not remove the pads for the next 24 hours.

11. Packing up our equipment & shaking hands. We would love to thank you for having us at your house and allowing us to make your home clean and happy again. We hope to see you soon!

12. Post cleaning inspection. You will be completely satisfied with the results as you walk through your home with our carpet care technician.

*furniture items to be discussed and agreed upon during on-site survey

Please note that we can not guarantee that all the stains will be lifted.