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What is NCCA and why are we members?

June 12, 2018

There are many trade associations which gather individual professionals under their umbrella, and it is just as good an idea for carpet cleaners as any other trade.  What’s more, choosing the right association is very important – and for this reason we would like to introduce you to the National Carpet Cleaners Association.


The National Carpet Cleaners Association (NCCA), provide training, ongoing support and advice and access to a great community of carpet cleaners.


When my partner and I were first considering starting our own business, (something in the service area) we were agreed on one thing – that whatever we decided to do, we would do it well – in fact, we would be the best!    

After what seemed like an age of research and debate, we were introduced to the carpet cleaning trade by a carpet care technician, who showed us all the basics and most importantly, how to use the equipment.  We researched on the internet and watched many instructional videos on Youtube*, all of which gave us a clear picture of the profession, some seriously helpful advice and lots of helpful tips.  

But when you want to be the best – it takes more!  So, after many months of deliberation and deciding that this was in fact, what we wanted to do – we decided to seek out some professional training.  After researching and comparing the different associations we decided to trust the NCCA, which is the only nationally recognised association and who offer a great variety of training. (https://ncca.co.uk/training/).  For our purpose, we chose the Professional Carpet and Upholstery cleaning course, which starts with the basics and covers everything we needed to know.  We signed up for the course and went to Leicester to spend two days in the classroom learning our new trade.  

But let’s face it – how interesting can carpet cleaning be?  I didn’t hold out too much hope that the course would be anything than totally boring – but how wrong was I! Surprisingly, it was great fun – and turned out to be one of the most interesting trainings I have ever been on!   At the end of it, I knew I would never look at carpets in the same way again!

We had two amazing tutors – Paul Pearce and Pawlo Woloszyn (who between them have more than 50 years’ experience in the trade).  These guys were great!  They introduced us to a whole new world of carpets, fabrics and fibres - how to distinguish one from another and the importance of pH levels (vital to the cleaning process).  Apart from all the invaluable practical advice, we also received a carpet cleaning handbook which is an absolute treasure – whatever the question, the answer is there!  And if that wasn’t enough – we were also given our tutors’ business cards should we ever need any back-up advice or assistance,  as well as a ‘welcome-to-the-trade’  goodie bag of all sorts of different stain removers and cleaning chemicals to try.

After the course there is an exam (which is optional), and if you pass the exam you not only hold a NCCA Certificate of Training,  but are also allowed to become a member of the Association.

The exam was not too bad at all – we passed it with flying colours and are happy to have been members of the Association for a few months now.  We attend regional meetings and have contact with a great network of wonderful and helpful people – and what is a real bonus,  we are free to contact the more experienced members for on-the-job advice if we ever find ourselves in a sticky situation.  The NCCA members also have their own Facebook page which is a mine of information. The carpet cleaning trade must be the most helpful of all – the friendliness and sense of community is wonderful – not to mention the reassurance of help when you need it!


And what does this mean to the client?  It means that they can have confidence in the fact that they have hired somebody who has the appropriate training and knows what they’re doing with their precious carpets, somebody they can trust to be in their home to do a professional job of high quality and who, if they do have any problems regarding quality of service or damage, have recourse to the NCCA. That must be better than letting a bunch of random strangers into your home.


So -  if you are looking into opening a carpet cleaning business, our advice is – don’t hesitate!  Do spend the money for professional training – it’s literally worth every penny. It will equip you with great knowledge and confidence, which will help you with both finding the clients and meeting their expectations.


Or if you are looking for someone to clean your carpets – please make sure you choose a reputable and reliable company that has the skills you require.  Don’t go for the fly-by-nights who may leave your carpets soaking wet, shrunk or discoloured before disappearing down the road!  

We wish you happy clients – and clean carpets!


Keep Bubbly!

The Bubble Crew team.


*We recommend to watch this Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/TruckMountForums




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