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How to choose a professional carpet cleaner.

September 19, 2018

Nowadays we are bombarded by advertising – for all and every conceivable type of goods or service that we might need, and even some that we don’t!

We are not experts – so who do we trust?   How do we tell which ones are reputable, knowledgeable people offering something genuine – or which ones are the ‘fly-by-night’ guys who are just out to make a quick buck and disappear just as quickly into the sunset, never to be seen again?



Take the carpet cleaning industry. How hard can it be to clean a carpet, right?  Surely anybody can do it? The answer to that is a resounding ‘NO!’  Anyone can say they can clean carpets - but if you want your carpet cleaned properly and hygienically, then you would look around for somebody professional qualified to do so.


I myself, have personal experience of this. Before my partner and I became involved in the carpet cleaning industry, we hired a carpet cleaning service to clean our carpets and in particular, to remove a large (and nasty) stain. But we were not happy with the results. The guy doing the job seemed to have a set routine which he was going to stick to, whether it proved effective or not - and it seemed that he did not try very hard at all to remove the stain.  Eventually he shrugged his shoulders and left - and the stain remained stubbornly evident.


Some time later, my partner and I became carpet cleaners ourselves, and on completion of our training, and having the benefit of understanding the relevance of carpet fibre diversity and HP levels etc., our pet stain became a personal challenge - and although we were not able to completely remove the stain (as the fibres were very damaged), we managed to lighten it considerably.


This experience, and many similar ones as described by our customers, has inspired me to write this article. So, if you’re looking for a somebody who can do an amazing job and make sure your carpets not only look clean, but (for the sake of your family’s health) are also hygienically clean, please see the check list below of how to choose a professional carpet cleaner:


  • Price:    If someone offers to clean your carpets for £10 a room, you know that these people are not committed to doing a good job, or spending the time it takes to do so.  They will probably not move furniture out of the way, or follow the full cleaning process.  They probably won’t even be insured!


  • Insurance:   Every company who values its clients holds Public Liability insurance - because accidents can happen to anyone. So, if in the worst case scenario your carpet is damaged, the company who holds Public Liability insurance will take responsibility and recompense you for such damage. A company without such insurance in the same circumstances, will more likely than not deny responsibility.


  • Training:  Carpet cleaning is like any other trade - to be able to do a job properly, you need to learn the right way to do it.  Being in class and having hands-on training is an amazing opportunity to learn from people who have been in the trade for years and have so much knowledge to share.


  • Professional body:  It is not a ‘must’ - but it certainly says something about a company’s commitment if they are a member of a trade association and happy to abide by its standards, i.e. that members are properly qualified and certified, to prove their capability of getting the job done.                  

        The NCCA (which is described in the other article), is the only nationally                            recognised association for the carpet cleaning industry. It gives training, and bucket          loads of advice, and offers recourse to dissatisfied customers seeking a fair                        outcome.


  • Time:  If a company claims they can clean your 4-bedroom house in 2 hours - know that this is simply not possible if the correct procedures are being followed.  There are a number of steps to follow and the process cannot be rushed. The step we follow yo can find on our website


  • Vacuuming:  If the carpet cleaner asks you to vacuum before they come, you should hang up immediately!  It means they have no idea about cleaning carpets.  Domestic vacuum cleaners do not have the strength to effectively lift the dirt from the carpet.  This is why professional carpet cleaners use industrial vacuum cleaners which lift the pile and clean the carpets before even wetting them.


  • Checking the fibres:  If your carpet cleaner does not check the fibres of your carpet before commencing cleaning, it probably means that he does not have the knowledge to use the correct product on them. Apart from this being an ineffective way to work, it could result in browning or colour bleeding (especially when we talk about upholstery and rug cleaning).


  • Uniform and Protective Shoes:  This may be nothing, but to my mind a company who protects itself will also protect its clients’ belongings – and a company that takes pride in the way it presents itself, will also take pride in the work it does.


Clean carpets are important - not only because they look good, but because a hygienically clean carpet is integral to your family’s health (especially if there are any asthma sufferers in the home).  The most dangerous dirt is the one we cannot see!  Carpets should be cleaned at least once, but ideally twice a year.



To book professional carpet cleaning in Redhill, Reigate, Cobham, Leatherhead, Oxted and surrounding areas, send us an email at: info@thebubblecrew.co.uk

Or to find out more, visit our website: http://thebubblecrew.co.uk/


If you are looking for trusted local carpet/hard floor cleaners nationwide, check this website: https://trustedlocalcleaners.ncca.co.uk/



Keep Bubbly!


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How to choose a professional carpet cleaner.

September 19, 2018

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